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Mercedes McCambridge was an alumae of Mundelein College. McCambridge went on to become an Oscar-award winning actress.


Sister Susan Rink was the President of Mundelein College from 1975 to 1983. Sister Susan first arrived at Mundelein in 1969 while a student at Northwestern University. Sister Susan originally attended Clark College and received a BA in biology and chemistry, then went on to Purdue University earning an MA in biology. At Mundelein College, Sister Susan held positions has Director of Continuing Education and Academic Dean.


Kathryn Quinn Knowles was a Mundelein College graduate in the class of 1951. Knowles was a Chicago native, growing up in Edgewater. Initially, Knowles attended Clark College and then transferred to her sophmore year to Mundelein College. Knowles earned a BA in English.


Joan Holland was in the class of 1951 at Mundelein College with a degree in English/Journalism and Sociology/Psychology. Holland was born in Chicago and lived in Evanston, however attended boarding school in Canadian at the age of 12 and traveled to California for a short time.


Margaret Egan Namovic graduated in the class of 1951 from Mundelein College. Namovic graduated with a BS in Physics and Math Chemistry and worked for Kraft foods in Research and Development.


Sister Irene Meyer graduated in the class of 1951 from Mundelein College with a BA in Pyschology with a minor in Music. Both of Sister Irene's parents immigrate from Germany and Irene was the first of her family to go to college. Sister Irene entered the BVM community in 1952. Sister Irene earned her PhD in Psychology from St. Louis University and returned to Mundelein College to teach.


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