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Loyola University Chicago: Student Publications

Object Type: Collection
In Collection: Loyola University Chicago Archives


The student newspaper of the Loyola School of Law from 1967 through 2000.

BROAD is a feminist and social justice publication created by the students in the Women's Studies and Gender Studies program. Collection date span is 2012-2016.


Loyola's student newspaper from 1918 to 1969. Early issues were 'occsional' with the weekly run starting in 1924.


Loyola's student newspaper was established as a weekly run in 1924, although it began appearing as an occasional newsheet starting in 1918. It ran under the name the Loyola News until 1969. The name was changed to the Loyola Phoenix in 1970. The entire run of the Loyola Phoenix available at the Loyola Archives & Special Collections has not been digitized. In addition, some gaps exist. Issues will be added as they are digitized. Some issues may not be digitized due to their fragile condition.

Loyola Quarterly

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