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Loyola University Chicago Photograph Collection

Object Type: Collection
In Collection: Loyola University Chicago Photograph Collections


Presidents, vice-presidents, deans, and other administrators at Loyola.

Loyola alumni and alumni events.

Basketball, volleyball, bowling and other sports at Loyola.

Loyola benefactors

Students and faculty at Loyola's Chemistry department.

Elizabeth M. Cudahy Memorial Library. Built 1930.

Michael J. Cudahy Science Hall. Built 1912.

Arnold Damen, SJ, Hall. Built 1968.

Students, faculty and facilities of the Dental School.

Henry J. Dumbach, SJ, Hall. Built 1908.

Past and present faculty members

Graduation through the years.

Loyola celebrating holidays

Images of Lake Shore Campus in Rogers Park. Established 1906.

Students, faculty and facilities of the Law school.

An annual charity fundraiser held on Lake Shore Campus during the 1950s & 1960s.

The Loyola Medical Center in Maywood, Illinois

Staff of the Loyola News

Images from the anti-war protests and student strike at Loyola following the Kent State shootings. May 1970.

Images of the chapel on Lake Shore Campus

Images of Mallinckrodt campus

Loyola parents

Students and faculty of the Niehoff School of Nursing

Facilities at Niles College

Students, faculty, administrators, events, and locations

Loyola's ROTC unit

School of Sociology Class Photos

Students at Loyola

Theater students

Images of the Water Tower Campus. Established 1946.

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